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Playing with random classes

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' started by Skyeward, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Skyeward

    Skyeward Recruit

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Made a new PSN and decided to start playing MW2 with a random class each level. Equipped with a coin and a dice, I randomise a new class every time I level up and use that class until the next level. It's been up and down so far with some awful classes and some satisyingly great ones, and always fun and fresh!

    These are some more in-depth rules I've been following in case you want to try this yourself - you don't need to read this if you aren't going to try it. Obviously, these can be tinkered with for your own desires (eg, you may want to choose which killstreaks you unlock), but the randomisation methods are best left unchanged.
    1) Make a new account, or prestige if you're at 70.
    2) For levels 1-3 you will have to use preset classes, but randomise the one you use.
    3) You will also randomise your killstreaks each level as well as classes, and even randomise which you unlock when you earn a new kilstreak.
    4) When you level up in a game, you are allowed to continue with the class until the end of that game. Once you leave or that match ends, you must make your next class.
    5) Only randomise your next class when you've reached the level - in other words, don't make them in advance. You may unlock something new that wasn't taken into account when you randomised the class. You may miss out on a new perk!
    6) Don't swap guns out for ones you find on the floor. That to me defeats the object of random classes.

    How to randomise - step-by-step instructions on making a class with a dice and coin:
    Firstly, always begin by randomising perks. If you got Bling you'd have to go back to your weapons' attachments. Second, if you have no attachments and earn one during the level, you can't equip it halfway through. That'd be changing your class! Third, for guns you always randomise the actual gun category (rifle, SMG, LMG etc) before narrowing down to the actual gun of choice. Now, here's a list of ways to generate a random choice from a list of x choices, eg. how to choose a random attacment from a group of 3, 4, 5 etc.

    1 - just take it, no randomisation needed :p Sounds obvious, but I just want to point out never to include "no attachments" in your randomisation. If all you have is the Red Dot for the PP2000, don't do a 50-50 between using it or not. Just take it XD
    2 - Flip a coin. Heads, the higher up on the list, tails, the lower option.
    3 - Roll a dice. 1 or 2, the highest option. 3 or 4, the middle. 5 or 6, the lower option.
    4 - Flip coin twice. The first time you flip leaves 2 options, and the second leaves just 1. if heads, continue with just the top two or one choice, and tails continue with the lower half. Here's an example if youre confused: Say you have 4 perks (marathon, sleight, scav and bling) and you flip and get heads. You continue with the top half (marathon and sleight). Flip again and get tails, you continue with the bottom half (just sleight of hand.) You only have one left now so that is your perk.
    5 - Roll a dice. If you roll a 6, reroll. (don't assign 6 to any other choice, it would be more likely than the other choices if you did.) In the case of rolling for primary weapon, this gives riot shield a 1 in 5 chance. You may love the riot shield, but I would suggest turning it into a 1 in 10 chance by flipping a coin if you get the riot shield. Heads, you take it. Tails, you don't and then you simply randomise between the other 4 (Rifle, SMG, LMG and sniper) by flipping two coins as above.
    6 - Roll a dice, nice and easy ^^
    7 - A tricky one that may resuly in several rerolls. You flip a coin to split the 7 into a group of 4 and of 3. Heads you take the top 4, tails you take the bottom 3. Then roll a dice for each. (If you use the above methods for 4 or 3 it makes some choices statistically more likely). If you get a 5 or 6 on the top half or 4, 5 or 6 on the bottom half, start over with the coin.
    8 - In the same way you halved the choices twice for 4, flip a coin three times for 8 until you are left with one choice.
    9 - Like 7, but split into 5 and 4 rather than 4 and 3.
    10 - Like 7, but split into 5 and 5 rather than 4 and 3.
    11 - Like 7, but split into 6 and 5 rather than 4 and 3.
    12 -Like 7, but split into 6 and 6 rather than 4 and 3. This will never require a reroll.

    It goes up to 12 for choosing/unlocking killstreaks. Unlocking killstreaks in easy enough, but choosing them is slightly harder. Firstly, group killstreaks of the same value together, eg. C-UAV and Care Package or Chopper Gunner and AC-130. Then use a method above to randomise the first killstreak. If you get an 11 killstreak, flip a coin between the two possible streaks. Then bear in mind that you have one less killstreak to contend with, so if you randomised from 6 last time, it's only 5 this time.

    This may looking really confusing, so post with any queries. Also, if you get an awful class, post here so we can have a good laugh XD
  2. Gaz Jr

    Gaz Jr Recruit

    Jan 13, 2014
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    That's dumb u need to use strategy. A class for each of your fav maps. Or a revenge class

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