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Please fix lobbyjoin error & aimerror & and kicking me out of my own private match!

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Hello there,
Every time i played a game i need to restard the game otherwise it wont find me a lobby even when i play privata matches.

Also there is this wierd aiming error arround world 4/5 wich result in not seeing my wespons at al and a misplaced aim wich shoots in the air.

As third i would like announce the error with kniving and shooting, ervery now and then te zombies just dont take damage at all...

I find this verry disturbing as i likely play this game every day. PLEASE FIX IT BEQAUSE I DONT DARE BUYING PACKS BEQAUSE OF THIS SHIT

with the nicest greetings from holland, a true player DuTcHwEaZeL
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