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Please help. I am having a huge issue since the update of Season 3. I will explain down below. I appreciate everyone’s response.

Everything was working fine up until I updated to season three. Everybody in my friend list when I go to their profile everything is locked. I can’t send invites I can’t send invites, whispers or invites to group. It’s all locked. Also, everybody can hear me in the lobby, but when I go into a game, everyone is name has a speaker symbol with a X next to it. I went to Activision’s website, and there are no bans on my account. I thought at first I might have been banned, so that’s why I wanted to check it out on the website of Activision people can send me invites to the party, but I cannot send them out. Also everyone’s name on my profile just says either online or off-line it used to say. “Playing ….

I am totally baffled and don’t know what to do. I’m guessing it Hass to do something with the season three and the bugs that are still in it. I’m hoping that they work everything out so this gets fixed sooner than later.

Any insight helps because I’m lost lol
I too have seen the "X" next to players name and yet ingame they appear to disappear and comms work just fine. I think you have the right idea to just wait for a fix to improve things.
Also, all the channels im a part of aren’t showing up, it’s like everything is locked. It kinda looks like my account is restricted but activisions website says I have zero bans. Very strange

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