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Multi Plus One is recruiting players for Call of Duty

Plus One

Plus One is a experienced esport organization dedicated to improve the growth and goals of each individual under our name. We have devoted members in each area of the esports arena, Plus One is currently looking to focus more on Call of Duty as the game is growing ever popular. We are a extremely professional company with contracts and licenses. The founding members of Plus One have lived the struggles of the competitive player. Our experience and your competitiveness will be the foundation for your success.

What we are looking for:

Contract Negotiations will determine a pay rate.

High Level of Skill.
Experience in the comp scene.

We are looking for a complete stack with subs if any,

Players will need to get along with their teammates, work with the manager, coaches and analysts, and may be required to fly all over the world to take part in competitions. They may also need to take part in sponsor or partner initiatives, journalist interviews and fan meet and greets, while upholding a professional manner and meeting other requirements as outlined in their contracts.

Dm's Open
If u cannot reach us here please message me on discord
Name: 3X#5885

Tried messaging on discord but need to share a server and or be friends in order to message.

Here’s my recruitment message in the cod forums.

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