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possible upgrade


and im bumping up psu and got this

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 T2, 80+ TITANIUM 1000W, Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 10 Year Warranty , Includes FREE Power On Self Tester Power Supply 220-T2-1000-X1​



PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
thinking about going from 5600x to 5950 and from rtx 3070 ti to rtx 3090.

Just seen this, GPU is worth doing, hold off on the CPU, expect price cuts after the 7000 series launches, then get the 5950X.
ok i did it i purchased this at newegg come to daddy.
Nice, good choice.
and im bumping up psu and got this
Another good choice.

Get some pictures and benchmarks up as soon as you've finished putting it together buddy.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
It looks good, though there were a couple of things you might want to look at:

  • the 4-pin CPU power cable, route it straight back and down so it doesn't reach out in front of the fans where it will collect dust over time
  • fan cables/misc cables at the front of the case could be routed behind the red bar so they are not visible, or routed up/down the side of the fans and concealed
  • 24-Pin power connector for mobo would look better coming out at a 90 degree angle and then folding back, it makes for cleaner looking lines
  • you know I am going to talk about RGB right? You should have played Donna Summer's "I feel love" to match that 70's Disco theme you have going on with your RGB
  • yeah, everyone's a critic
  • I like the colour scheme by the way

Well done, get some benchmarks done, and some gameplay footage loaded up.


with thickness of 24 pin its kinda crunched in there because of the red bar. ive never liked that red bar. i didnt notice that cpu cable by fan till after i put the back on. im thinking of removing red bar. will the case your using hold a 360 radiator and does it have good airflow.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I think it would hold a 360, but that would mean taking out the hdd trays and removing the cover at the bottom by the front of the case and might make it hard to get the water pipes managed neatly, the model up is better.

As for the 24-pin cable, see if you can find some pictures of builds in that case to see how others have dealt with it, PCPartpicker will have plenty of designs on show.

That bar is the standout feature in your case, it is an excellent device that can conceal cables if done right, but you will need to see some other designs, maybe look at a replacement 24-pin cable, possibly a flat RGB design, there are a lot of cable mod companies that will make cables for your PSU. You could get the full set, 24-pin, 4-pin CPU and GPU and match them for a totally custom look.

Then that would only leave your fan cables to deal with, and the header cable for the CPU AIO block, which also stands out a little at the top.
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