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DMZ Pretty Impressive Contraband Stash


i have 3 insured slots now and 5 15 minute cool down weapons and couldnt care less about contraband stash, but i usually take one weapon in and pick up a rpk unless i come across a nice weapon from a downed operator.


Fallen Angel
and you may already know this but if you alter a 15 min cooldown gun in gunsmith it will not have the 15 min cool down. from what ive seen.

Nope works for me I altered the CRAP out of that Hemlock Its the only gun I run and I stripped it and re did it completely, still retains its name and still has a 15 min cooler


Fallen Angel
I have had issues a lot altering anything and pulling it into a slot however once in a while it works.

So when this one loaded and I could load it into the slot I leave it there now.,

HOWEVER I do from time to time experience my main weapon drops out sometimes when loading in and if that is my only gun I load in with then I am pooched and have no gun.

SO what I have taken to is loading it in my BP and then pulling it out of there upon loading into a whatever DMZ. SO far this has not been an issue

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