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PSN PS3 BO2- Looking for a clan

Jul 17, 2017
Hi, my name is GeminiVBQ, and I'm looking for a clan on PS3. My k/d is a 1.00, (And yes I know, It's not very good, but I'm just getting back into bo2 and i had a bit of a rough start). I can snipe and quickscope, but I don't do very well unless my opponent also has a sniper. I primarily play with a PDW, an AN-94, Five-seveN, SVU-AS, and FAL (I have a very good trigger finger, so I like semi auto weapons and the AN with select fire.) My PSN name is GeminiVBQ, and I recently bought all the DLC's (I like the Peacekeeper so far, but I'm still not really used to it.) I also have a modded controller, but I only use it to shut down trash talkers. Anyways, just add me and I'll add you back. You can also contact me through Email, though I don't recommend it because I will probably take longer to respond.

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