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PS4 Controller SYNC Problem


The Equalizer
I work on PS4 consoles at work.. Replace HDs, PSUs etc etc..

I have this PS4 here that I just replaced the HD but now the controller won't sync.. I have tried different controllers and different V-9 USB cable.. No luck..

When I re-initialize the firmware, the controller works fine to get me thru the initialize process..

But when I get to this screen:


The Controller won't sync to save it's life...

As I said, I have tried different controllers and cables that work fine on other machines but no luck with this one..

The wifi wire is hooked to the PS 4 MB... The USB ports can read the controller initially and also reads a USB stick when I initialize the PS4 firmware so I am sure the USB Ports work...

I have also tried to use the recessed RESET button on the PS4 controller.. No go..

I am at a loss here.. Anyone have any suggestions???


Staff member
Did you reset the controller? Find a paperclip, pin, pen, something that's thin. Flip the controller, and look for a small dot. Take that paperclip, and press down on it. You should see blinking or beeping.

Once reset, grab the official PS4 USB cable and connect the controller. It should pair once and for all.


The Equalizer
Yea, I tried that too.. No luck.. :(

From our tech..

it's a WiFi/Bluetooth IC failure, quite common on CUH-1215A models (but can happen on any model), the Bluetooth IC has to be replaced.

For anyone who might have this issue..

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