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Angels of Death

(PS4) Fallen Factory - BO3 Pro Team

The Fallen Factory Pro Recruitment Forum
Sponsored by F3 Florida Fantasy Factory

Hello MLG players, thank you in advance for taking your time to read this post. It will be containing information about what it's about, what its objective is, its goal, future plans, requirements, and current state. Contracts will not be discussed in the forums but over an alternative-messaging app or through voice chat with a complete team present. Separate discussions on contracts are also welcomed.

The Fallen Factory (temporary name until team formed) is going to be a professional team that I am trying to form to take into championships/tournaments.

To form a Call of Duty: Black Op III pro team in which will take the steps to further its success through official matches and training to gain scouts for our future.

Recruiting people from Pinellas County and Pasco County, Florida

Future Plans:
Currently, my partner and I are in possession of an 8500ft building. This facility will consist of different departments, with one of its main ones being us, this team, the Fallen Factory. We will use this opportunity to further shape a clearer path for our goal. While occupying the building, we will have large room space, bathrooms, sleeping rooms, kitchens, and access to other departments of the F3 if need be. Ex: From Scratch Ent. Is a music studio we have a partnership with to record and produce music, whether it be beats for an intro or rap or just to record lyrics. TVs will be provided, unless you plan to bring one yourself, and other common household utensils for use. Consoles, headsets, controllers, game disks, etc. will not be provided has we are not funded. (Future recognition will lead to funds).

Age- 17+ (with parents’ consent. Contracts will be made to ensure this)
Age- 18+
PlayStation 4 Console and -
• Gaming Headset
• CD or software of Bo3
• Controller
Being able to sleep over or live in another household besides your current one.

Current State:
Currently, there are no members as I have been busy working on other projects for the facility. However, we do have a manager who has a great position in the GameStop Company and also is a professional streamer for Destiny.

NOTE: This post is for a real professional team. Living in this building will be an option we must take if things start to look bright on our side, hence the requirement of being 18 or 17+ with a parents’ consent.

For any further questions about the team, the building, requirements, or about anything at all. Please feel free to email me at (mlg.tokenebula@gmail.com).

Angels of Death


hey i am very interested, i would love to join i can play 15 hours a day every day my playstation name is Yung__ki hope to hear from you soon! if not best of luck with your company!
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