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PSN (PS4) Looking For A Competitive Clan

Jul 16, 2017
Twin Valley, Minnasota
Hay Im Looking for a Competitive Gaming Clan to join and wants to go to the leagues imma submit a Application here.

Name: Owen Stish
Age: 18
PSN IGN: xIndica-_-xHigh
Skype: N/A
Country: USA
Overall KDR: 1.0

How Often do i play: Mosty 8 hours or more a day i seem to play way too much but gotta stay in the game to keep that skill.

PvP Strengths:

Sometimes i go into my A-Game Mode im able dominate a entire lobby. I can focused in-game and i can concentrate on the map and learn it. I seem know where the enemy's are gonna hit from and i drop them before they even can get the advantage.

PvP Weakness:

When i get killed by a skilled player i start to lose concentration and cant focus becuase i get really Frustrated and rage because cant seem to get a beat on that skilled Player and kill him. that is my biggest weakness and the reason i go negative in-game.

Previous Clan Experiences:

I have no other clan experiences.

Why would you like to join this clan?

I want to get better at call of duty and to become a better player in-game. I also want to learn to overcome my weakness and increase my skill level.

Why should we accept you?

I have good communication skills and i can use callouts very well once i know the map we will be playing on

Anything else?

I want to thank anyone for reading my application and considering it. Ill enjoy going to the leagues with you.

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