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PSN (PS4) Looking For Mature But Laid Back Clan/Group


Hello. I'm looking for a group of people that I can regularly play with and have a good time doing so. Having a sense of humour is a must for me but being serious when actually needed is always appreciated.

My format is PS4, I live in the UK and Blops 3 will be the first CoD in about 3 or so years I've put any time into the multiplayer, with the intent to stick around.

For the most part I've been playing as Battery with War Machine and doing well. I have been more or less exclusively sticking to TDM. Though this mostly because I'd be more inclined to do objective gamemodes if I had people to communicate with.

After roughly 6.5 hours on record (at time of writing) I'm sitting at: 0.99 K/D, 1.36 W/L and 212spm. While I do not particularly take K/D and the like very seriously, if at all, I do still have the desire to improve and get better.

My PSN is Sir_Pleasant. Though if you do want to add me as a response to this post please let me know in the friend request. Whenever I see a friend request with a blank message I tend to just outright delete them unless I already know who's sending me them.

Hi! My PSN is grrlscout420420. I am a member of Axios Prime. Axios is a mature clan and since most members have jobs, families etc we are laid back and game together when we can. We accept all skill lvls, so k/d is never an issue. We game for the love of it. If you'd like to play with us anytime to feel us out, you're more than welcome to squad up. I will send an f.r. with Axios Prime in the msg box.

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