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ETF - Era The Forum is recruiting on PS4 and XB1

ETF is a new gaming community, we are based on Black Ops 3 on PS4 and Xbox One with a well-organized, well structured leadership that have recently gone through some major changes. Unlike most community's we do not operate on a forum (It is planned to have some sort of forum for Roster's in the future) but we currently operate on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter).

Due to maturity level's we are only recruiting players over the age of 16+ on both systems {EU/US}.

If you would like more information about ETF please feel free to message me or @CrazyCat87 on here, xbox or PSN

CharmanderGFX Contact info:
PSN: PrometheanUK {PS4 President, ETF Vice-President}
Twitter: @CharmanderGFX
KiK Messenger: MikuChan1

@CrazyCat87 Contact info:
XBL: LTDCrazycat87 {XB1 President, ETF President}
Twitter: @Taliahcristiani
KiK Messenger: TCN87

Era The Forum Contact Info:
Email: EraTheForum@gmail.com
Twitter: @EraTheForum
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