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PSA: A purge is coming to CoDForums

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This is a Public Service Announcement: After the milestone to reach 20,000 members has been broken, I will begin to purge ALL Zero Posters. I periodically purge zero posters every 3 years, or after milestones. Technically, CoDForums reached over 26,000 members a long time ago, and you can see it it in your profile's ID's or another user's profile ID.

I've already done this on other websites. I've warned them, I am doing this publicly because there is a large userbase.

This is to reduce spam, reduce redundancy, and cleanse the database of "awaiting" confirmations, this is more an administrative action.

I am posting this warning to everyone right now, because the purge is going to affect over 7,000 members who registered, but never posted.
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