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PSA: PC Players playing Zombies on high rounds warning


Staff member
I know there are some PC players on CoDForums and some that play zombies. This thread is a Public Service Announcement (PSA). What's happening is Black Ops Cold War PC players are playing through high rounds and getting banned for (allegedly) no reason...

View: https://youtu.be/mdHh0kZWtoI


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
One of the advantages of being a mediocre player.. Don't have to worry about the high level nuclear bug ban.. :D
I don't play Zombies right now, I've been meaning to get started but just not got round to it as I'm still grinding for weapons in MP.

I do want to start paying Zombies at some point and what worries me is that an average player in a good squad could get carried to the higher levels, then boom, perma-ban and nearly 200 hours worth of grinding will be gone.


The Equalizer
Oh yea.. Without getting into spoilers, there is a new Halliday/Anorak quest.. And if you like the pop culture references of RP1 (which totally made the movie for me) you'll love RP2. It's a really good read..

Highly recommend...
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