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PSN Names?


A place for you to post your Playstation Network names for random people to add you.

I'm looking for people willing to get together to play a good game of infection

add my PSN: Endemion8


Staff member
I hope there isn't a rule against posting in slightly old threads
I don't encourage it, but this thread is an exception to that rule. :)

Now, I'm not saying bumping is okay here, I'm just saying... posting your PSN is okay, regardless of how old the thread is.


Gamertag: I_Am_WALKA

Discord Community: https://discord.gg/ahpKWpj (House Of Gainz )

We Exclusively PS4 Only Community, we have over 730+ active members, Supported Games are: Anthem, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter Iceborne, Doom Eternal, Borderlands 3.

P.S Comment Below stating you have joined! Post your PSN Gamertag & join our Discord Channel above. Thank you for reading and happy hunting
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