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Psychologically Speaking....


The Equalizer
OK All you psych majors.. I have a subject for you.. Me! :D

When I play WarZone, I usually avoid combat whenever I can.. I suck and I know it so, to soothe my fragile ego, I only get involved when A) I can't avoid it or 2) I believe I got the drop on the enemy...

But whenever combat ensues, my heart starts racing. My normal resting heartrate is around 70-80. When in combat, it jumps to 130-140.. I hyperventilate and my hands start shaking from adrenaline. And, when I die (which is usually) I take it VERY personally, as if enemy personally sought me out, just to f**ck me over. Plus I am very pissed about the Console Aimbots and teams as I may have mentioned once or twice here.. :D

Now, when I play BOCW, none of this happens... Sure, the blood starts pumpin' and I get pissed when I get killed, but (despite my stats heh :D) I feel I am holding my own and am usually above average in the kills and KDR departments.. But I don't take anything personally, and I don't rail against teams and aimbots.. I just enjoy the game..

So, for any who have psych training what gives?? I mean, am I just an asshole?? Is there a major difference in the games beyond gameplay?? Maybe Treyarch uses a muted or less uneven algorithm for their Aim Assist?? The reason I am baring my soul about this is, if I can figure out WHY it happens maybe I can take steps to mitigate things and enjoy Warzone more..


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
My theory is Warzone has no respawn so getting killed send so final while BOCW has respawn so you can bounce back so the penalties for getting killed are far less severe.


The Equalizer
Good point, KBD...

But I should have specified that I usually play PLUNDER only... I avoid Royale specifically because of the lack of respawn you mentioned...

It's just fascinating to me the differences in my reactions to BOCW vs Warzone Plunder..

I also get a visceral hate of specific operators.. Especially this biatch... :DRoze.png

Can't stand her!!! heh... She is ALWAYS killing my sorry ass... :D
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