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Putting Entire Windows Boot & Warzone Install RAID Array


The Equalizer
OK So I have my MB situation rectified.. Should have my new MB by the weekend..

And now I am thinking on how to install the new system for maximum effect..

I have 2 M.2 256GB SSDs and a SATA 500GB SSD...

I am thinking of creating a 1 TB RAID Array that will be my boot drive and install all of the BOOT/COD aspects of my system on that Array??

I have never been a fan of RAID systems.. One weak link and you lose everything..

But with the advent of SSDs and their reliability, I am thinking I should be OK...

This sounds like an interesting experiment, and I would like to know what the outcomes are.

I would have expected there to be bottlenecks as read speeds could exceed the speed at which data can be sent to your RAM, but in this video, which doesn't seem to be the case, however the improvements are not universally better in all areas.

Good ta see ya, KBD!! :D I was gettin' kinda worried about ya... Thought ya might have gone off and join the Ukraine International Defense Force!!! :D

I wanted to but my wife said no.. Heh

Here's what I have set up now..

BOOT and EMAIL Service is on my C Drive, an M.2 SSD @256GB

I have my Battlenet and Warzone Files on a 500GB SATA SSD

I have my VIDEO/SCREENCAP files on a regular SATA HD...

I also have another M.2 SSD @256GB

I have one of two options here..

RAID the 3 SSD and make one big BOOT drive that also contains my email functions, the BATTLENET/WARZONE game files and my video/screencap files...

I am not a big fan of RAID because you lose 1 drive, you lose it all... But maybe the reliability of SSD will trump that drawback..

My second choice is to leave the BOOT and EMAIL on my C Drive... Leave the BATTLENET/WARZONE game files on the 500GB SATA SSD and then change the Video/Screencap files from the platter-driven G drive to the 2nd M.2 SSD drive. This way everything associated with my game play is on an SSD...

I am kinda leaning the 2nd way.. Because if I go the RAID route, I'll have to copy over all BATTLENET/WARZONE files to a temp drive and THAT will take a while.. Plus I'll have to do a full reinstall of my OS... I should do that anyways, but things are pretty stable so it's not a priority...

So, I am thinking of just adding the 2nd M.2 to the mix as my Video/ScreenCap files and press on..
Another option would be to have your boot drive as the primary m.2, your second m.2 drive for just your CoD/Warzone drive and the then use the Sata SSD for the rest of your Battlenet files.

If you do decide to RAID, don't mix m.2 and Sata drives in a single array, the Sata drive would bottleneck the m.2 drives and I am pretty sure that your drive volume sizes should match as well.

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