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rainbow 6 vegas 2 unknown map


you know if you play terriost hunt multiplayer and the host changes the level and you are sent back at the main menu and a message about content i dont have and if you check back to room list you see the host name but with unknown map. do you know if you can still get the unknown maps in 2021? it's old game so wether it's been stopped im not sure. i did check to see if my game was updated and it is and oddly enough im using the ps3 fan pack disc version, so it's like it should already be there and included when you play the game. the servers are still up and running with players there each day. from what i've heard it's x2 night time maps and calplyco casino map that i haven't got on the terriost hunt list.


i think that's to do with server shutdown 1st of june, there was an announcement but people seem to still be playing it multiplayer recently. there's another thing that i saw is where if your psn account is newer say after 2019 that it affects lot's of games, especially some of the call of duty ps3 titles such as black ops and modern warfare 3 where you can't connect to anything or it doesn't save your online progress. you oftern see people in the comment sections say about selling older accounts to play. have you tried rainbow 6 seige on ps4? might be worth playing that one lol ps3 is nearly dead and everything could stop soon with it.

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