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Lone Wolf

Every new session resets the rank to 1. What happened to me was my rank was reset to 1 AFTER I had been in the session for over a week. Very strange to say the least.


does anyone know why they reset rank every season. it cant be because of tiers because you get those as you progress anyway.


Lone Wolf

I wish I knew too, but it's a deep, dark secret apparently. Yes, we retain our Tier rating and all our upgrades, etc, but for some reason they, Activision, want everyone to start off at rank 1 at the beginning of each season.


Ranking within cold war is annoying because they reset it every season. You feel so proud of where you got just to start all over again. But what I can say is the game has some amazing weapons like their SMGs. Super powerful so I end up not stressing over my lost rankings.
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