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Angels of Death

Really annoying pop-up!

Please can you get rid of this annoying pop-up??

The very same information is at the top of every page anyway..



Top of page..



Tactical Gaming


Staff member
As you can see in the second image, it disappears. Just wait a few seconds or something like that. I purposely left it there and I could make it so you could "dismiss" it, but there are people who STILL can't read the goddamn fucking notice at the top. UGH.

I wanted that notice to follow the user so they get the freakin' point. But noooo... I still see them rushing to post, without even reading where to post, not to spam, and whatnot. Stupid, really.

I shouldn't have to do that, but I do.


Staff member
Hey Carlos, it's really annoying mate.. I don't understand why it needs to be there lol?
If you understood where I came from, you'd know. People spam, people post in the wrong place, it's there to remind them. We're going to have an influx of these users starting on October 5th, trust me. You'll see what I meant.


Staff member
Can you delete my account please, this thing is very annoying and unless it goes I do t see me using this forum..

Why aren't you trying to understand? I put it there for new users to understand the rules.

Nonetheless I turned on the option to 'dismiss' the notice.
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