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Multi Recruiting for Faded Gaming!


Hey guys!

I’d like to invite you to join our discord server, Faded Gaming! We’re a mixed Call of Duty clan, with a regiment in game☺️

• Ability is varied, from beginner all the way up to the most skilled players (in all game modes), so you’re sure to find people at a similar level to you. Our warzone group is the biggest, followed by multiplayer and a handful who have moved to

• We regularly host game nights, as well as clan v clan and in-house tournaments.

• There are opportunities for you to promote your streams☺️

• For the girls, this is also great place to play with guys who aren’t toxic in game!

• In those times you fancy a break from COD, we also have channels for other games, including Division 2, Dayz, and Apex.

While this is a gaming community, it’s also a social one, so we always give new members a warm welcome, and really encourage getting involved and being active ☺️ We’re always up for a laugh here at Faded!

The only criteria for joining are the ones below, any questions or for an invite to the server please comment!

Thanks guys, happy gaming x


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