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Reddit, am I the only person in the world that doesn't get it?


Like I said in the title, whenever I look on Reddit all I get is noise, like walking into a crowded room and everyone trying to talk to me at once.

Am I the only 1 that feels this way?

I just don't know where to start, there's so much going on and it feels overwhelming to me.

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Tactical Gaming


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Even if you get used to Reddit, it's still a convoluted mess. Reddit is like one big social media site, with a bunch of boards. Each board is called a "subreddit." r/ModernWarfare is the main subreddit for all things Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There is an "interest" for each subreddit. Now, inside those subreddits, is a subthread. Each subreddit is like one big board. Reddit has millions of subreddits, so when you go to the main page, you'll see the subreddit's name on top of each subthread. The mainpage is basically a feed of popular subjects.

However, when you register, and post. You need to read the subreddit's rules, or get your content removed. And even if you DO follow the rules, you have to live by the mods and admins' rules. Reddit is largely owned by a corporation, but the issue is that reddit is way too big for them to control its userbase. For example, the r/thedonald subreddit was quarantined because mods were using it as a political weapon against the other side of the aisle. So, the Executives ordered the admins to control that subreddit, and stop the division. They fired all mods that were using it as a political divide - and to do that, they were making fun of Donald Trump, rather than what it was intended to be: An informational website for the community. And then, there's the commenters. They were quarantined, too. Anyone who tried to help the memes, and the jokes towards Trump are suspended, and banned.

Another example is the r/ModernWarfare subreddit. Rumor is that Activision is paying off the mods to keep the message positive towards Activision, Call of Duty, and 2019's Modern Warfare. So, most of the mods you see on Reddit is either a Infinity Ward employee, or a paid-off moderator. This meant that you not only have to follow reddit's rules, you also have to follow the subreddit's mods rules, you also have to follow Infinity Ward's rules. You want to promote you YouTube video(s)? They shut down your subthread.

If you go into r/games, and post even the slightest question about the industry (like I did), mods will just lock it down. It's stupid, really. I read the rules, I understood the rules, but the mods are trying to waver their wand and use their powers. So, I stopped going back there. And even if you get your subthread posted, you have to deal with the garbage users. I deal with it each time I'm there, it's like - if you post a nice 5 minute run, where you got a bloodthirsty, merciless killstreak... They talk shit. Why? Because it's basically an SJW ecochamber.

Take NeoGAF, pour gasoline, light it on fire, pour more gasoline in there again... Rinse and repeat until the flame is flattened out. That's Reddit. But it's Reddit's fault, and the users' fault. Reddit can't stop all this, this is how socialism is going to continue to take over. People are easily brainwashed there.

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So I'm 28 and I only got into reddit a year or so ago.
Theres a general feed which opens you to a plethora of interesting or fun pages. It can definitely be too deep but if you just coast the surface, you get a good array of content.

I dont recommend it outside of a mobile.

Here's an array of what my randomized feed consists of. I go on a few of them a little more for laughs or videos only found there. This is what 4chan should of been. It's a solid platform for if you need help with just about anything (help for dummies)



So I'm 28 and I only got into reddit a year or so ago.
Theres a general feed which opens you to a plethora of interesting or fun pages. It can definitely be too deep but if you just coast the surface, you get a good array of content.
Thanks for giving me your point of view on this, I was really hoping a Reddit user would respond.

Maybe I just need to spend some hours on it over a few days just looking around to see if I can start to fathom out its depths.

I have posted comments and questions on Reddit before but they seem to get lost and they don't look like anyone actually sees them.

I'll give it another go, there must be value in there, it's just right now I can't see through all the mess and noise, but if I learn a bit more about how it works, I might find it becomes a valuable resource.

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