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Angels of Death



Aren't we all guilty of it ? But seriously now - I always reload after I kill someone. Always. Even if I get through some rounds and actually keep an eye on the amount of ammo still left in my current mag and I suppress the urge to click 'R' it doesn't take long and voila back to reloading even after just using 6 rounds from a 60 Mag.

Anyone else need help too ? I certainly do LOL

Angels of Death


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I'm guilty of it, too. I reload after every kill. Whether there are bullets in there or not... I can't help but do it, but when you run out of bullets in that magazine, the weapon is "jammed," and will not shoot and/or reload for you.
Same here.. I always reload after a kill.. Which invariably leaves me wide open with the SECOND guy comin' thru the door...

I keep having to tell myself, "They hunt in pairs.. They hunt in pairs.."


And yunno what's worse about the RELOAD instinct??

When yer using STOPPING ROUNDS to achieve a challenge.. You fire off 3 or 4 of 30 after a kill and the RELOAD all the remaining 26 or 27 away.. GRRRRRRRRRRR
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Angels of Death