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Xbox Live Respect Gaming



Respect Gaming
Recruitment Status: (Open)

Respect Gaming is an online social gaming community that is opening its doors to the general public.

Respect Gaming has two different sides

Casual Gaming - For those members who want to play for fun and enjoy the community aspect with ranking up through the community rank structure, meeting new gamers from around the world and surely kicking some butt online.

Competitive Gaming - For those members who want to play in a more fast paced environment, members who are seeking a competitive adventure will have the opportunity to try-out for a team, or if you want to establish a team within Respect Gaming then please follow the proper steps and fill out the correct documentation on the community website.

Respect Gaming currently operates on Discord until the community website is fully established and functional. If you have any questions about Respect Gaming or would like to know more information please feel free to add me on Discord IMPERIAL SATAN#4229

Current Opportunities

Competitive Team Director
Competitive Team Asst. Director

Social Media Manager
Social Media Asst. Manager

Twitch Streamers
Mixer Streamers
Youtube Video Producers

If interested in any of the following positions please message the Respect Gaming Owner on Discord IMPERIAL SATAN#4229

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