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Multi [RGL] Redemption Gaming Live- Looking For Members!

RGL Logo Long.png

Hello everyone! Redemption Gaming Live is currently looking for new members for our Call of Duty clan RGL Redemption. We are an active community that supports various platforms and games and boasts 200+ members across all 11 of our clans. Our community utilizes both our website, https://rglhq.com/index.php, and Discord.

Some of the things we offer are:
  • Weekly game nights with some including prizes.
  • Multiple community teams such as our News, Event, Design, and Social Media teams.
  • Competitive team.
  • Relaxed atmosphere for those who just want to play.
  • Rank structure for those who want to help lead the community forward.
  • Last but not least, plenty of people from around the world to play with.
You name it RGL more than likely has it as RGL strives to cater to all different types of players. To join go to our website above and create your account. After your account has been created go to Join Usergroup and apply for RGL Redemption!

If you have any questions or want to learn more please visit our website above, or feel free to message me on here or on Xbox at CastingCouch RV, and my Activision ID: TheStepBro#8571534. Hope to hear from you!
Hey just want to pop back in and let everyone know we are still looking for members! If you have Discord you can also connect with me on there at, CastingCouch RV#6872
Just wanna update saying we are still looking for members to join us at RGL Redemption. We currently have 30 members in Redemption alone and many more in our other clans! We are a 16+ community. Message me for any questions or concerns!
Hey everyone, we are still looking for players! We have now switched completely over to Discord! Add and message me on Discord for the invite. CastingCouch RV#6872
Hey. if you are looking for people to play with with. why not join Redemption Gaming Live where you find people to play with any kinds of games especially Call of Duty. RGL has multiple clans and it's more than just a clan, it's a place where you have fun with people, make friends and have a good time. We are family here. Having fun is our number 1 rule and we are creating a positive environment. If you are interested in joining the RGL family, message me :)


Hey if your looking for people to play with, you should think about joining our Gaming Community! Redemption Gaming Live!

Redemption Gaming Live or RGL was created to serve one purpose; to provide an environment where gamers of all kinds can come together and HAVE FUN! While having fun, we wish to create a community where, regardless of the game, you will always have someone to play with.
• Main Games: COD, Halo, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Destiny.
• We have all kinds of players, you are bound to find a group to play your favorite game with!
• A safe community to be a part of (We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for disrespect, harassment, sexism, racism, and other direct insults to another MEMBER's Gender, Race, Age, etc.)
• Name/Gamertag change is NOT necessary
• Community discord, so you always know what's going on!
• We have movie nights, game nights, and events with prizes!
• There is always room to grow with RGL, you can take on leadership roles or join some of our teams!
• If interested please PM me and I will walk you through the application process!


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