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Riot Shield shall return in AW

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Michael Condrey posted up this picture on his twitter account, clearly showing the Riot Shield being a weapon in AW.

See the full tweet here:
What are your thoughts on the Shield returning?

I personally haven't found them overly useful since Modern Warfare 2 as you could equip commando with it and do some serious damage up close. Modern Warfare 3 the shield was useful but the range of the bash attack wasn't great and the Black Ops 2 shield was pretty pointless.


Whoa, that's a crazy riot shield. I never use them, but they can be extremely useful in combination with another user if used correctly.


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That's awesome to see the riot shield returning. I personally was never really a fan of it, but I know a lot of people were and that includes one of my friends who I've been playing cod with for the past two years. He's gonna flip when he see's this. :)
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