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Multi Rise Of Gods [NEW] CoD Team Looking for Staff/Players/Content Creators

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Rise Of Gods is a new Team currently focused around the Call of Duty Franchise, more specifically Modern Warfare. We are recruiting all types of players and at the same time looking for Staff Members as well as content creators to push our team further. While we don't look for skill maturity and the willingness to learn are extremely important to us, join and together we will rise to be gods!

Must be at least 14 years of age to become a member.

Must be 16+ to be a Content Creator *Some Exceptions may be made for those who are willing to put in the time to make quality content and push things that viewers will enjoy.

Must Be 18+ to apply for Staff *Some Exceptions may be made for those who show great maturity and go out of their way to help others as well as the team it's self grow.

No Hate Speech period, there is no room nor do we have the time for that.

Banter is allowed, but don't be toxic as there's a fine line and while we like to have fun we want to make sure everyone enjoys their time.

No Cheating of any kind, this includes the selling, distribution, or purchase of Cheats.

Do not exploit major bugs in public matches as this falls under the "Toxic" rule

Other General Information:
While we are new, I do have a lot of experience running teams and what to look for when it comes to staff members. So don't mistake us as being inexperienced.
Discord: DM me via Discord: Anti#5868

or join our discord at : https://discord.gg/7H8fzP5

Content Creators:
Content Creators are held to a high standard when it comes to how we handle our members, maturity, how they compose themselves, how they treat others, how active they are etc. While activity varies on each platform so does the standard of quality so if you're interested in becoming a content creator let me know on discord and I can answer any questions there.

About Me:
I currently work construction as a full time job and have real life experience managing groups of people. I've ran multiple teams with varying degrees of success, some went great, some went horribly while I didn't create or lead those teams I was either a right hand man or a general Administrator. I'm currently 20 years old and while that might not seem like long, I've learned a lot because of the extra amount of circumstances I've endured.

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