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Rising Disgust Over BO4 Business Model


I was already leaning towards not buying BO4 with the decision to jettison the campaign mode in favor of the Blackout battle royale mode, and focusing solely on that, multiplayer and zombies. However, the decision to have all the maps only available on the so-called "Black Pass", which will only be available to those who buy the deluxe versions of the game, and (if I remember correctly) still has to be bought separately anyways, absolutely moved into the "pass" group. Every single decision Activision and Treyarch have made with this game has been solely to extract as much money as possible from the fanbase, leading to a sense of having our intelligence insulted at every turn. What is the worth of this title if you have to spend something like $150 to get the full experience? Where those who buy the standard editions will not be able to do separate buys to collect it all, like has always been the case? Everything about BO4 shows represents an absolute clusterfuck of bad decisions piled onto one another, aggravated by strictly mercenary actions as well. Which once again shows that either BO4 should've been built like its predecessors with a truly worthy narrative, or Treyarch should've retired the series and started a new one. What makes sense from a business perspective doesn't always make sense creatively, and I still believe that a Modern Warfare 4 would've been a creative mistake. And of course, odds are that this game will still be profitable, regardless. But now, more than ever, the popular image that COD haters have will look more believable than ever.

I still won't give up on COD, of course, and I plan to stick around, especially with the fact that this battle royale fixation is only for this title alone, and Infinity Ward could very easily have something quite good next year. I will of course also help traffic for the giveaway contest that I was already sitting out. But for the first time in the series' history, I won't buy the current outing, and that makes me quite sad to have to say it.

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