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Multi ['RoK] Rise of Kings Recruiting [PS4/PC/Xbox]

Welcome to Rise of Kings!
Rise of Kings is a Gaming Community designed to be open to all people from different platforms and games and from anywhere around the world in a closed environment. It's aim is to provide somewhere for people who have been outcast from other communities due to power hunger.

We used to be a 450+ member community but started fresh on a new server under a new name but came to realise that it was not working. So we decided to restart with the old name and branding but a new structure. We are recruiting anyone 15+ years old at this time. We are built as a casual community but we do expect people to be a tad competitive.

As we are military structured there are people in the community currently on Active Duty and this helps with running things as they have experience in the real world and will not take things lightly. There are no soft spots in leadership at RoK and leadership have no problem with demoting.

Our Mission is to provide a safe and friendly place for our members and to also bring in outcast people from other communities. We aim to give people from all places, platforms and games a place to find others to game with without having the worry of being frowned upon or seen as useless, all our members from Recruit up are important to us. Join our discord with the link provided! ['RoK] Discord: https://discord.gg/T2emwUg

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