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Rumor: No Campaign Mode?

Jun 22, 2016
A rumor has hit the wire that Treyarch has scrapped the campaign for BO4 and planning instead to turn the game into an Overwatch clone.


Understandably, this could simply a be a rumor and nothing more, but even the thought of doing the game like this is worrying. In an attempt to placate haters who claim the series has failed to evolve and garner a share of the audience attraced by games like Overwatch and PUBG, this move would effectively make a product that ceases to be a CoD title, and becomes the very essence of selling out.

To make it clear, I'm not saying that about making the multiplayer more like these games, that would be fine. But to do so without providing a story that unfolds in-game, and essentially provides no actual goal to strive for, that is an absolute slap in the face.


Staff member
Jul 11, 2009
This has been roaring on YouTube, and I for one, am taking a wait and see position. I love single player games. Activision is crazy thinking that single player isn't "inviting" anymore. Horizon Zero Dawn, a new IP is doing SO fucking well that it should put Activision in their comfort zone. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is another game that's blowing up. The new God of War just arrived for PS4, and people LOVE it. Myself included. Been playing it since I got it last night. Glued to a monster 50 inch TV playing it. God it's beautiful.

I'm hearing different rumors about this, so that's why I'm not reporting it lately. One rumor says it's "Battle Royale," but with Call of Duty slapped on top of it. Others are saying "Overwatch," with Call of Duty slapped on top of it. Honestly, I almost thought "War" is that Battle Royale mixed with Overwatch vibe. I can see it happening, but it has to be its own thing, or just don't do it at all. And this is coming from a guy who has never played either games - Fortnite Battle Royale, Overwatch, PUBG, and anything that resembles the BR mode. The playtest idea being brought up recently sounds dumb on paper, from what I'm hearing.

Black Ops is a huge series for Activision and/or Treyarch, I seriously doubt Treyarch is that dumb enough to fuck shit up for Black Ops.

I do agree that there needs to be an AAA tltle (ahem; big budget), that not only enlarges the mode, but also brings a quality feel to the mode. PUBG has been 30fps for a while now, and isn't changing much soon unless the developers wake up and start making it happen. Fortnight's BR mode has moved into 60fps, but the actual game is "cartoony," this, lightweight - I dunno... weak looking game. If that makes any sense?

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