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Multi [SADCrew]


We are currently looking for a couple positions within the SADCrew!

Currently these are going to be unpaid internships, with good work and communication with the administration these will likely turn into paid in some form or another, wether its game key's, straight cash, or extra suff somewhere somehow not yet determinied... This is the plan currently - build base of users under the positions that we are looking for, promote team growth, and then move into full production for the future.

Social Media Czar:
Must have good communication skills, and be willing to promote the Sad Crew through things like facebook, twitter, youtuve, email campaigns, and a possible website in the future. This hopefully will be maybe 20 to 30 mins every other day or so. with minor fill in's from staff on neccessary basis.

Platoon Leader:
You will be managing 2 to 3 Squad Leaders. These will be the teams currently building and trying out for the main Sad Crew. You will be working with mixing and matching players together based on strengths and weaknesses, host scrimages between the teams, and possibly record and upload footage to our Media Team (not the social media czar, the dedicated media team currently FriGiN, and Kyng)
I estimate between 5 and 15 hours a month for this position

Squad Leader:
You are responsible for your squad, and communicating to your Platoon Leader. You will also be responsible to host at least 2 weekly scrimages with your approved players and alternatives. Your squad should consist of 7-10 players including the alternate bench. You will also be required to make one of those scrimages at least bi-weekly against another squad leader under the supervision of Platoon Leader. This is important, there is no growth if you always play chess against yourself. So between 2 and 8 times a month you can put yourself and your team up against another Squad Leader for fun and fabulous prizes.
I estimate between 10-15 hours a month

Scrim Coordinater:
You will organize brackets that the Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, and Social Media Czar will play during the month.
I estimate 2-3 hours a month.

We heavily prefer PC players, but will consider others. We have financing and sponsorships lined up. Our overall direction is to start competing in E-Sports leagues as we gain more solidity in our ranks. Please contact me if you are interested in these positions. The primary focus right now is for a Social Media Czar, should you acquire this position and work out we will speed up the negotiations for pay.

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