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Multi SCHQ Now Recruiting!!


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From the shadows as one…

That’s the motto we’ve lived by for over a decade, hundreds of us taking those five words to heart. To unite and reach out from beyond the shadows in one signified move to bring the gaming community as we know it together for one common goal; Teamwork. We don’t look for fame, nor do we care about the glory, we look to build on teamwork, to strengthen our bonds with our squad members to achieve the win. We’ve fought across many fields and we’ve lost many battles, yet those losses have help shape us, mold us into what we are today. We don’t look at it as defeat, we look at it as a learning opportunity. Yes, losing is inevitable, but it’s how you handle the loss that differentiates you from the rest of society.

Shadow Company was founded in 2008 by a group of gamers with 1 simple goal in mind; build a community for like minded gamers. Today, we are keeping that goal alive by focusing on the teamwork portion of gaming. Members are placed into “Squads”, together with their teammates they work together on tactics and strategies, communication and call-outs, and most of all how to use all of these skills together to best the enemy on the battlefield. We may not always win, but the best feeling in the world is knowing that your team had your back through and through.

Minimum Requirements:

· Must be Mature

· Must have a Microphone and Discord

· Must be 18yo or older

Shadow Company HQ supports both Playstation, Xbox, and PC with the following titles:

· Call of Duty Series

· Destiny 2

Here is a small idea of how Shadow Company HQ operates:

-Military Based System: We conduct practices with a squad that is led by a (SL) Squad Leader and a (SA) Squad Assistant. During practice, you get to work close with your squad members to learn Map Callouts and tactics that will help with alerting your squad
to the location of enemies and/or objective targets. Also, we don’t focus on KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) and SPM (Score Per Minute) as our goal is to work together as a community to help everyone become better in game.

-Family Oriented: All of us here at Shadow Company are family. We realize that real life issues do happen and that is okay. You will not be penalized for not showing up to practice as long as you let the Squad Leader know that you will need to step away.
As a family, we will always support out members that need to address issues outside of the gaming world.

-Leadership Opportunities: Shadow Company has many Opportunities to grow and move around in with many leadership positions that become available all the time from recruiters to division officers the skies the limit to what you can achieve in Shadow Company.

If interested in signing up please visit https://discord.gg/qUvTaHK6RR, and be sure to let them know that Kakashi897 sent you!

Thank you and see you in game!


SCHQ Recruitment Division Officer



  • Merch Store
  • Opportunities to be featured on the SC Twitch Account
  • Clan Events/Tournaments
  • Multiple squads to team up with and rule the battlefield
These are just a few things that members of SC enjoy, as well as discounts from a few major brands! Interested in teaming up? Click the link below to get started!

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