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Scorestreak Ideas!


Many of these Scorestreaks work exactly the way they do from previous COD games, and a few new ones are added in addition! hope you enjoy...

Any suggestions on Scorestreak value? Feel free to reply and set a number!

UAV (Same as MW3 with 3 equaling Advanced UAV effects)


Counter UAV (Same as all CODs)

Care Package (Same as all CODs)

Ammo Crate (Ghosts)

I.M.S. (Same as Ghosts)

Grim Reaper (Same as BO2)

Ballistic Vests (Same as MW3)

Sentry Gun (Same as BO2)

Guardian (BO2)

Sam Turret (BO1)

Support Squadmate (Ghosts)

Dragonfire (BO2)

Recon Drone (MW3)

Advanced UAV

Guard Dog (Ghosts)

Predator Missile (MW3/MW2/Ghosts)

Heat Seeking Missile (Combines the effects of the MAAWS launcher with the Hunter Killer Drone from BO2, choose to shoot down enemy aircraft or ground troops)

Napalm Strike (BO1)

CBR Strike (NEW! Works just like Napalm Strike but lays down nova gas instead of fire... can be targeted at interiors of buildings to stop campers)

Attack Helicopter (MW1)

Harrier Strike(MW2)

Stealth Chopper (BO2)

Stealth Bomber (MW2/MW3)

Assault Squadmate (NEW! Deploy 1 of your own custom squadmates from your create a class list)

Blackbird (SR71) (BO1/BO2)

Support Juggernaut (MW3)

Juggernaut Maniac (Ghosts)

Disguise (NEW! Deploy 3 disguises as one of the enemy teammates for 60 seconds, works similar like one man army from MW2 each disguise is only good for 1 life at a time)

Assault Juggernaut (MW3)

Pavelow (MW2)

Chopper Gunner (MW2)

AC-130 (MW2)

Attack Dogs (WaW)

Delta Squad (NEW! Call in helicopter with 4 extra teammates with veteran combat training aimbot accuracy... basically replaces swarm. lol each teammate has 3 lives)

M.O.A.B. (MW3) 25 gun kills only
G.O.A.T. 30 gun kills only (NEW! ACTIVATE INVINCIBILITY FOR 45 SECONDS. lolololololol)

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