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Searching Cod MW Account with MW Season 6 completed battle pass

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Hi everyone,

I am searching a Battle Net / Modern Warfare Account with MW Season 6 Tier 100 completed battlepass. In best case the account would have also the Jigsaw and Leatherface bundle included.

Of course, the account should not be shadow banned or banned at all.

Is there anyone out there who would sell his account with this specs?


Could you recommend me a good webpage where I could buy such an account? No Scam please!

P.S. I am from Germany and if someone wants to answer in german, please feel free.



Staff member
I do not encourage, sponsor, or want account sales on CoDForums. If you are interested in selling your account(s) to this person, I recommend that you hover over his name, and look for "Start Conversation." Click it and take it private.

I and CoDForums do not take responsibility for what transpires in your conversation. If a person is scamming you, just start a conversation with me and I'll consider banning the person.

You have been warned.
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