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Warzone 2.0 Searching-Connecting Loop when trying to play with a friend

Dear community,

I have a problem, I'm not able to play with my friend in any mode (either Warzone 2.0 or DMZ). We are stuck in an infinite loop of searching-connecting (after searching for a match when it starts saying connecting it goes back to searching...). We have no issue in joining the same party or in having communication in the party via the game. I'm on PC (using Battle.net - from Italy) my friend is on PS5 (from Germany - btw the cross-play option is checked)

Each of us has no problem finding a match by playing alone/or with random players.

We tried to use different types of connections (phone Hotspots). Same issue.

We tried to join each other when one of the two was entering a match. Not possible it keeps you waiting until you are out from the server.

Does anybody know any workaround?


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