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Multi Searching for clan to play call of duty COLD WAR with.


As the title says im looking for people to play mainly zombies with the occasional multiplayer matches. My kd/r for multiplayer is only at a 1.18 (slowly rising) so im nowhere near good but i can hold my own at the least. if anyone wants to join up with me my IGN is Urdoomed2 i play on PC with a keyboard and mouse i do not care if you are on a console (xbox, ps4) it does not matter to me as i usually play with crossplay turned on. hit me up on the forum or in game if you would like i dont mind either way. My discord name is Urdoomed2#4471 i may not be the most active player mainly because i have a life and its not centered around cod anymore (when i was 16 and jobless it was). with that being said cod is the only game i still play as i cannot find any other games that peak my interest mainly because i am between jobs at the moment, do not be afraid to hit me up i always respond within 24hours or less. thank you for your time.

Also i am not really looking to join up with a clan, however i will consider joining the right one if i see it. i was a co-leader of a clan called USMafia for cod ghost and advanced warfare. after the clan crumbled i decided i would not join another clan because they were like family to me. Though as I have stated in the first line I would reconsider joining a clan if i feel it is the right one.

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