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DMZ Season 3 Reloaded First Thoughts


The Equalizer
New sandstorm in the north east corner of Al Mazrah... The Police Academy Area.. Pretty kewl...

Went to that new area.. Koschei Complex...

Dark as shit.. AIs all over the place... Definitely want to equip night vision scopes on your weapons...

You got to find shit to activate the Bunker Door that leads to the exfils.. Jumper Cables and D-Board...

I got a small taste of S3 Reloaded... So far, I like...

More to follow..


The Equalizer
So are the smokes from the exfils spots gone or is that requirement just for that exfil spot?

No, that just applies to the Koschei Complex..

At least, I think so..

Basically think of it as a Building 21 that you access from Al Mazrah... You actually leave Al Mazrah and load a whole different game..

Also, there is no Tac Map in Koschei..

Which is more than a little disconcerting...

And I am not sure if they are variable, but one of the access points for Koschei is under the parking garage in Al Mazrah... Look for the marker with a '?' on your tac map..


The Equalizer
I haven't confirmed this, but I *THINK* you can now plead when you are SOLO..

I had a SOLO v SOLO and I took him down... He was able to PLEA and I res'ed him..

There was a language barrier, so I couldn't confirm he was actually a SOLO...

But if this pans out, that would be awesome.. I have always said that SOLO players need the PLEA option a lot more than TEAM players do...


The Equalizer
Release notes mention the plea option. Trouble is, you don't know if they'll just leave your squad and shoot you

"Great, I got that "excited/scared" feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it's more - It could be two - it could be 98% scared, 2% excited but that's what makes it so intense."



The Equalizer
Well, I did another of the Kimshi Complex... It appears that there are different complexes depending on which infil you use...

The infil at Al Mazrah took me to a circular complex where you had to collect a car battery and jumper cables to operate a motor to open a door that got you to the exfil...

The infil at The Ruins took you to a complex that was pretty much a straight shot, but you had to close doors using buttons and manually before gas killed you...

I am betting the other different infils take you to different complexes...

But the overall theme is puzzle solving and battling AIs...

Gas Masks and Night Vision goggles are a must...


Fallen Angel
Yep we triggered the thing that allowed us to head to the elevator to exfil our spot was a completely dark place and I happened to be the one guy that picked up night vision So that was 1 fun figuring out how to equip it and 2 killing the guys in the dark to get to the point of being able to stop and figure out how to equip it .. fun yes/no... nerve wracking as all heck


i have not even been in there yet. trying hard to get exfil tracking done to open 3rd slot but ai,s are destroying me. solo is just not an easy task.

if ai is going to be so tough and know where you are then i think we should have an ai tracker at all times especially solo.


Fallen Angel
After playing it for a bit. I like the ability to go make a 3 plate specialized vest with 10-15 min worth of scavenging. It is my new rinse and repeat if I get ganked while in solo..
I typically on this one guy always go for com vests too. I must admit I am getting very familiar with the better spots to look for hard drives batteries and soothing hand cream.

So curious anyone else seem to spawn in the same areas all the time? I noticed I spawn in like 4 areas only now and not as random as it used to seem.


Fallen Angel
I asked one of the people whom I play with and he said "Yes" its been the same for him as well.

SO Ugh Last night I went in with him and said hey lets work on your missions as he complained every time he logs in someone wants his help for his stuff but never helps with his,

So we went to a spot he needed loot at and found a team of two already there so we proceeded to poorly try to snipe them and me with only an AR decided I would just wait for them to proceed towards us which HOLY crap they did I do not know how they climbed that mountain so fast but they were on us in like 10 seconds and had us both killed.
He pleaded as did I but he looted me once I pleaded as they got him back up and on there team.

well he got his mission done and I got back in the game and left that Skin alone chose another I had ready to go and away we went back in completing 2 more missions for him. After that he had to run so I went back in solo with my guy needing a backpack and 3 plate medic vest.

No joke I went in 6 times and 6 times got ganked either at exfil or in the middle of going to try and get the pieces and once even a mere minute into zone by a team who jumped me at a gas station near the quarry... Ugh.. So yeah I got one guy out of my 7 with no gear on him.. sucks!..

Worst is, it seems once 2 teams join up they have NO desire to let anyone else live..

2 man or 3 man teams usually it seems they will revive a person 50% of the time..

anywho yeah seems like everyone is about getting their pvp on..

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