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Tactical Gaming

PC Seeking small UK/EU clan


Been playing COD Modern warfare a few weeks and kinda getting bored so I'm seeking a small UK/EU clan.

I'm nearly a 50 something (scary but no problem for me) and been gaming since mid 90's, both competitively in the past and casually more recently. I like a drink, not an alcoholic by any means but most times I am pished when playing publics.

Working in a factory environment I am up for a bit of banter and not easily offended, so seek similar kind of players that can give and take banter. My work involves me working different shift patterns so I am not always available but will make an effort when possible.

Happy playing publics but would also like to start matching again in what ever modes you decide, I am happy to adapt. I'm not a sit and camp person, however I play matches in a different way to public servers, where I run and gun.

I'm not interested in a larger clan/community with hundreds of player's. I'm looking for a small clan/group of no more than 15 members and similar character, ie: like banter, a few drinks, a few matches, not easily offended and don't rage quit.

Feel free to add me on Steam: sbs_snaily Battle.net: Uberlamo or ingame: MCMLXXII

Tactical Gaming


hey :D I know you said you're not interested in a large community, but I'd like to tell you a bit about mine and see if you'd like it. First of all, we are an 18+ clan. most of our members are between 20 and 40 but we have a few older members. Secondly, our community is quite large, but our total number of members is spread out through the different games that we support. Our cod division has about 100 members but we only have the same 20 members that are on everyday. i wanted the same thing you did when i was looking for a clan, but i ended up joining seismic to try it out. i ended up loving the community here because the cod division was a very welcoming place and not too many active members. ive made about 10 good friends and teammates here. also you can mute and hide all other game channels and chill with us in COD :) i totally understand if you think it's still not for you but you should feel free to ask me more questions. you can message me here or on discord at fsociety#7915

if you want to see our website you can check it out here https://seismicgaming.eu/divisions/sg-dvii

good luck in your search for a team!
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