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Angels of Death

PSN Seeking team/players for competitive team


Hey folks

New to the forums, hope my post meets all rules/requirements. This may be a bit long and boring but hoping to get the right vibes across.

Played cod2 & cod4 at the top level on PC 10 years ago (I know I'm getting old :D), recently bought my first ever console and got into the new cod mw. Alongside 2 friends I've once again caught the cod bug and have delved into the competitive scene once again and we are on the lookout for 2 or 3 more players, or perhaps a team in need of the same.

We are a mature group (most the time :D) with solid Com's, tactics and game sense. We can compete to a high standard and would like to join up with a few more players to create a team that can be competitive at a high standard in online tournaments and ladders such as gamebattles (mostly play S&d but are open to various gametypes given we are to the required standards).

Bit about us-

Aged between 22 & 29, based in Northern Ireland & Scotland. Can be online/available quite often (mostly late nights). Given our Northern Irish blood we are great 'crac' of course :---), so the laughs are there, but we really like to win!

Anyone who may be interested or would like further info, please don't hesitate to drop me an email @ aaronthompson_08@hotmail.co.uk. From there we can further our communications.

Thanks for your time,
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Angels of Death

Hey AT, welcome to the forums!! I know you're on the lookout for a few more players to fill your team, but I'd like to share a little bit of info about Tactical Gaming. We have multiple squads and I really think you and your friends would enjoy it here. Here’s a little info about us..

TG was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe. With our Warfare and Adventures franchises, we have thousands of active members spread over multiple games. Our Call of Duty Division currently has 15 squads and we're quickly expanding with the recent addition of Warzone. We support XB1, PS4, and PC. Your squad placement is based on your game preference whether it be Core, Hardcore, or Warzone. We have casual and competitive squads. TG has a military structure when it comes to ranks and we have several Veterans and First Responders. Our main requirements are mature and a working mic. I would be happy to give you any information you need. Please contact me here or Discord fireman2818#3114.

If you'd like to jump right in and take a look, our website is https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/refer/60038/. Please be sure to put Fireman2818 as your referrer. I look forward to hearing from you!
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