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Serious Improvements needed (Multi)


New here.

After playing for some time I've noticed many of the mechanics in- game are in need of some serious improvements (Mutliplayer NOT Warzone).

To put it straightforward, here is my list for what I think needs to be much better:

- Hit reg/ Hit-boxes/ Damage output for certain guns
Reason for this is because in past titles you weren't finding yourself getting more than 4 hitmarkers to get a kill unless using pistols ofcourse. It was typically around 3 with the 4th shot being the kill shot. However In the new MW, I experience 4-5 hitmarkers for a kill in non-harcore matches and in some cases more than 6 for weapons that should have killed in one shot or less than 4. Idk what it could be but it is definitely one of the basic three above.

As an example, I enjoy using the Kar98 and there have been many times where I can one tap people from 5 feet away. But there are also times where even at the same distance, it doesn't count as a one tap. It'll take 2-4 shots to put the enemy down. Same with the mp7. I've killed players after putting 3-4 shots in them but in many other cases it'll take 5-7 shots to put them down. Shouldn't be inconsistent like that. So like I said, one of the three is causing the inconsistencies.

- Jumping & Sliding (Intertia system)
I really like both these mechanics as they add a lot of variety towards the gameplay. Different playstyles which adds to different scenarios of engagements. However, I find that it is a little too much. Yes, I am saying the new MW is a bit too Run & Gunny. To put it straightforward, I do not believe you should be getting a boost in speed when sliding nor do I think your accuracy should remain the same as if you are standing when shooting someone. In past titles, I believe jumping would drastically increase the spread when firing and decrease the accuracy yet in this MW, it doesn't affect it at all or very very little. I've never seen so many people jump shotting while shooting full auto this much and it never really happened in past titles due to reasons said above. Completely destroys the use of semi-auto rifles as everyone is constantly sliding and then jumping with near perfect accuracy while using a full auto gun after all that movement. Either way, I'd like to see less twitchy movement when turning, sliding and less accuracy from jump shots. It took skill to do these things back then but now, it is too easy.

To add to my point above, in result of these 'issues' I find it easier to go for kills than actually going for the objective when I shouldn't be and I've been noticing too many players doing the same. Wasn't really the case in past titles, in my opinion.

- Grenades
They need to seriously decrease the timer on a frag. You could never toss a frag over the maps in skidrow in MW2 yet in the new MW, you can toss it over multiple buildings, have it land NOT yet have it blow up, roll around for a bit and THEN it blows up. Timer on frags is incorrect imo.

- Maps
Certain maps are just not compatible with certain modes. Out of all the maps on the new MW, like 2 are properly designed for Search & Destroy. Map design is crucial. Idk why they deserted proper map design for aesthetics. That is something that really bugs me the most.

- Footsteps
Pretty straightforward. Footsteps are not audible at all sometimes. I understand there is Dead Silence but there are times where I don't hear anyone approaching who aren't even using it that kill me. And when I see the killcam, they are stomping all around me without the use of Dead Silence yet I didn't hear any footsteps. It's been an issue in the past and they "corrected" it but I still think it is a reoccuring issue.

Feel free to correct me in any way. These are just my thoughts so far.

Tactical Gaming


Everything you said there is so true, except not sure about maps cos l don’t do search and destroy.

This game does need more consistency and little problems sorted out. I’m sick of all these updates but do they really do anything? Same as any game, updates suppose to make it better, but the longer you play, the worse the game gets, lol!

I’m surprised nobody else has commented yet!


I've let some time pass by and I figured there would be some solid changes towards what I believe are serious problems.

But unfortunately, I still see the same results. I tried my best to pay attention, right down to the littlest detail, and even so, I still believe there is something incorrect about the head hit-box as well as hit-reg. I've watched many replays of top streamers dealing with the same issues and even watched my own kill-cams as closely as possible (if the death seemed pretty sketchy). There was even a time where I landed 4 shots/hitmarkers on the enemy player, died and when I reviewed the kill-cam, saw that NONE of my bullets landed. No damage done as the enemy player wasn't wounded in any way. Perhaps server issue? Idk.

I've noticed the exact same occurences mentioned in my original statement. A lot of major inconsistencies where I'd be ahead of an engagement, land multiple shots on target and even sometimes clearly on the head yet I die. Review the Kill-cam and it shows 2x less the shots that were originally delivered or no shots landing at all.

As for the Running & Gunning; I think they seriously need to consider reducing the accuracy as well as increasing the bullet spread when jumping and even sliding. It's rediculous how jumping and sliding is this dominating. It's beginning to feel like the game quake.

Overall though, I enjoy the game and hope the Devs work on improving what I believe are these current issues with the game. I will say, it is odd how these massive updates aren't really tackling much of this. Either way, I find the best enjoyment when playing every now and then therefore I will continue to do so.

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