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Multi Shield Gaming is Recruiting all members.



WE ARE THE SHIELD GAMING Here at The Shield Gaming we strive to create a better, safer gaming environment for our members. We aren't the average runt of the mill gaming clan, at our head we have seasoned veterans within the gaming communities, Operators with business management credentials.

Shield’s basic principles can be summed up in FIVE words:
• HONOR the game and the players
• RESPECT everyone
• LOYALTY to your fellow clan mates
• MATURITY to know right from wrong
• TEAM WORK to ensure a well-played game

The Shield Gaming is a multi-platform, multi-cultural gaming community filled with people enthusiastic about the games they play. Founded in 2008 by 9 individuals striving for more than just a run of the mill gaming clan. They founded The Shield following their main tenants of honor, respect, loyalty, maturity, and team work. Now in 2022, TSG is home to over a hundred active members! We look to evolve and become an even better clan than before!

[<+>] Apex Division [TSG] 2 Dedicated Teams with available slots. Casual squad's.
[<+>] Call of Duty Division [TSG] 2 Dedicated Teams with available slots. Casual squad's.
[<+>] Halo Division [TSG] 2 Dedicated Teams with available slots. Casual squad's.

What we offer:
• Friendly Scrimmages
• A great set of Ally Clans
• Inter-clan Tournaments
• Private and Public Forums
• Daily/Weekly Practice Sessions
• Plenty of ways to stay connected
• An open and mature environment
• Participation in Public Tournaments
• A group of dedicated game leaders and staff members
• Awesome Merch!
• Premium Discord Integrated website. And much more!

What we require from you:
• Must be at least 18 years old to apply
• Go through our rigorous recruitment process
• The ability to remain level-headed and calm during high-stress situations
• Must have access to a communication device in tandem with your gaming console or PC

Discord Link to get started today: https://discord.gg/aNTQxpHX

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