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Shoot The Ship should be a permanent playlist. So whats your thought?


I've personally have had a really hard time with Shipment 24/7 due to the fact of spawns, and alot of how the match flows, Shoot House, its a good smaller sized map that provides the most fun in a different game modes in my opinion, but I love both, but one being switched out for another each week is pretty frustrating, I like the mix of both Shipment, and Shoot House, and would rather both instead of one, and then having to find the others for 20 minutes while in lobby, Shipment 24/7 is just frustrating for me to much, with every thing being shipment, and also has lead me to break a few things, while minor I still broke them, so it being a permanent mode would be a balance for people who like Shoot House, and people that like Shipment, and you could also switch it out for new maps, or other maps people like (For Example Crash). So I want to know your guys opinion on this, and whether or not YOU would enjoy this being a perm playlist or not.


Recent signs point to there being two playlists soon, one for shipment, and one for shoot house. I'm hoping this is true, because the spawns and insta death on shipment is going to give me an aneurysm.

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