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Site Launch!

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I'm pleased to announce that Callofdutyadvancedwarfare.com has now officially launched ahead of the November 3rd release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Our website provides facilities for gamers world-wide to read the latest game news, discuss matters relating to the game as well as providing a team and ladder platform, allowing you to create / manage your own team and compete against other players from all over the World!

Welcome to the site - the journey has just begun soldiers!


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What happened to the old AWForums site, man?
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I am really thankful for this site, as now I can exchange my opinions on the game with like-minded individuals. Thanks for the forum and I hope we'll manage to all get along here.


I can't wait, I am looking forward on the arrival of this game and experiencing new features, weapons and overall feel within the game. Hope it turns out to be great and worth the money out of my pocket. I'm sure it is and expect to regain my gaming competitiveness.
That's what I really love about "Call of Duty". There's such a large community of gammers until the possibiltiys for tournament and that sort of thing are endless. I'm sure this will become the staging area for some really great competitions in the future.
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