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Some advice ?

Discussion in 'General Call of Duty' started by raks27, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. raks27

    raks27 Recruit

    Mar 14, 2015
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    Ive always been a advid PC gamer, never really played COD, only really played the first COD and the expansion.

    MP i suck as at the moment as i need more experience i did notice something can someone please tell my why or how ?

    Anyways i brought COD Black Ops2 for X360 and COD Ghosts for PS3. First time i played both and jumped into multiplayer, for some reason on the X360 with there controller i couldnt hit anything, my aiming was off, running seem difficult etc.. i then thought lets try the PS3.

    While playing on the PS3 it was much easier, i made a few kills, the gameplay seemed alot better, my aiming was better generally all round it wasnt eratic like on the x360.

    On both consoles i did play about with all settings e.g. sensitivity, vibration, button layout, i just found it a better expierence on the PS3.

    What i wanna ask

    1) is this normal ?
    2) do i presume one system plays the game better
    3) does it mean i prefer the ergnomics of the PS3 controller
    4) could general gamplay mechanics be better on the PS3
    5) should i just stick with buying COD games on the PS3

    I Would be grateful for your input...
  2. monnow

    monnow Recruit

    Mar 7, 2015
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    I would say your answer is option 3). I am bad with both systems, but I find the larger control of the xbox 360 suits me better. It is swings and roundabouts, I think the lag is slightly better on the PS3 overall, but that depends a lot on your internet network. Some swear by the XBox and others by the PS. Stick with what feels right, and try to play online with friends, your K/D will improve, even if none of you are fantastic.
  3. Carlos

    Carlos Owner
    Staff Member Private

    Jul 11, 2009
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    Totally. You're used to PC, and switching to consoles is a huge change for you.
    I'm going to answer this in two ways:

    There is no difference in controller configuration, not one is better than the other. It just boils down to which one you're more comfortable playing with. I like the Xbox 360 controller, but the reason why I didn't or don't play games on Xbox 360 is simple: The library, while massive, not one title could pull me in like a PlayStation game does. Put Uncharted 4 in front of me, and I'll play it until I beat it. Announce God of War 4 release date, and I'll just say... "take my money!"

    It just happens that the PlayStation controllers are more comfortable for me, especially with Call of Duty. You just seem to play better with a PlayStation controller, so stick with it.

    Now, for the second part of my answer: PS3 is slightly more powerful than Xbox 360, but Xbox 360 does a few things better than PS3, so it's more neck and neck.
    Yes. Nothing wrong with that.
    As I mentioned earlier, both consoles are the same. So, either version of Call of Duty title will play exactly like the other.
    Yes, especially if you play well - as you've mentioned to us.
  4. BurnedAway

    BurnedAway Recruit

    Jun 2, 2016
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    ofcourse PC is a lot different then a console. If i were you, i'd keep going and use the weapons you're comfortable with. Good luck mate!

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