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DMZ Something VERY Weird...


The Equalizer
Just played a match with a couple friends.. (yes, I have them!! :D )...

We did a success-fil with a hostage, then I had to quit and do my chores (or else my wife yells at me.. :D)

So I load the game back up and my INSURED Weapons are in cool down, but I *ALSO* have my INSURED Weapons in my CONTRABAND Weapons storage...

This ever happen to anyone???




The Equalizer
Yea, but why would my INSURED WEAPONS say my contraband stash is full??

It just occurred to me..

This makes it seem that you can transfer your INSURED weapons into your CONTRABAND stash. This would allow you to DOUBLE/TRIPLE/etc/etc your INSURED weapon capability...

If you can do that, then THAT is frakin' awesome!!

Wouldn't you agree???


The Equalizer
i would but isnt the stash only so big.

Yep.. 20 weapons..

But there is no reason to mark STASH IS FULL on your INSURED WEAPONS unless you can put your INSURED WEAPONS in your stash...

Or it could just be a glitch.. I have noticed that minor things are REAL glitchy... Like you complete a part of a mission and then the next round what you completed is all gone...

Hopefully the mid-season RELOAD will fix the glitches...


The Equalizer
It happened again..

I did a success-fil and yet when I got into my base, I had my INSURED Weapons in hand but they were in COOL DOWN in my loadout...

But I was able to save my INSURED Weapons into my contraband stash... So, after the cool down, I'll have my INSURED weapons in my loadout AND in my stash...

It's all really frak'ed up...

One has to wonder if DMZ is going to survive to Season 3.. All these little glitches seem to be accumulating...


well at the end of the day if i can sit down at my smooth operator pc with a cold glass of iced tea after dinner and play modern warfare while ripping some really nasty farts its truly a good day.

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