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Xbox Live Stand Your Ground (SYG) Gaming

Nov 1, 2017
Stand Your Ground (Gaming) is a newly formed gaming community with over 400+ members and counting!

About SYG
Stand Your Ground (SYG) Gaming was formed last August of 2018 when former leaders of a previous gaming community banded together to form much more than just a gaming community, they created a social environment where anyone and everyone is welcomed. Stand Your Ground - it's not just a name but the code we live by when gaming against other gamers from around the world, or dealing with issues in our personal life SYG is always here to help at every corner.

SYG Requirements
To join Stand Your Ground (SYG) Gaming we have a few basic requirements for you to meet.
1. You MUST be at least 16 years of age or older to join SYG.
2. You MUST be willing to register an account on our community website (operates vBulletin forum scripts)
3.You MUST be willing to be read into the community (Sergeant or Higher rank will go over the community bylaws / ranking system)
4.You MUST be willing to download Discord from google play / Apple Store (Discord can be operated on a laptop as well via http://www.discordapp.com)

Current Clan Recruiting
Hello everyone I am SYG ANTHRAX, the General over SYG Titans, we are currently getting ready for the release of CoD Black Ops 4 and seeking new members to join our clan to have fun and network with other gamers. If you are looking for a fun and laid back clan to join then shoot me a message on XBL: SYG ANTRHAX or on Discord SYG_ANTHRAX#4229

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