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Stats In Upper Right Corner Pre-Game


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Looking at the stats they are not that bad, you are getting an ok number of kills and a postive K/D ratio, anything above 1 means you are getting more kills than you are getting killed, so that's good to try and keep it over 1, then the W/L ratio just means that statistically you are winning losing more matches on that map then you are winning,

Make a note of how the stats change on different maps so you can work out which maps best suit your style of play, that way you can make sure you vote for the maps that either give you a competitive advantage or help you get better on your weaknesses.


The Equalizer
Yea, as I watch them I have noticed how the stats change. I assumed it was because they are specific to each map..

I am up over 20 in RAID and EXPRESS and THE PINES. Love those maps.. :D
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