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I believe that this site should have a steam group! Even people who play the game on their PS3 and 360 can get on steam easily and sign up for it and discuss what they want to talk about.

Anyone agree?


This is a good idea, whoever runs this forum should look into making a Steam group. Having a chat room via Steam would be a great addition.


A steam group is definitely a good call for a suggestion.
I've seen various other forums create groups, and it leads to more advertisement and thus more people joining up.
More people joining up means a more active forum and a better community, not to mention more people online to game with. Win-win!


This would be a great group. Most of the users could party up and play a few games together. It would be cool as!
This is a nice idea! I don't have any CoDs for PC other than WaW and MW2, but I bet other people on this forum have those as well and would like to play. This should be created ASAP!


It's a shame you can't make groups like that on PSN, because that's where all my CoDs are. I don't have many friends that game, so I'd love to befriend some more people to play with. Anyone wanna add me, my PSN screen name is harakiri420


I have CoD MW1 for the PC on Steam. This is actually a pretty good idea! I'd be willing to join the group and maybe some of us from CoD forums could play some matches together.


I'm tired of all the different consoles.. I just use steam, unless it is a great game which is also Xbox exclusive. I can think of only 3 instances; Fable 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Dante's Inferno.


This is a good idea, most of my games are on steam, I even add my non-steam games to keep my library organized. I would be willing to join a steam group. Adding a steam group to this site is a good idea.


I am hopping on this train a little bit late, but I am all for this idea! Steam is a huge gaming platform, and offers some amazing services. It also has a great big community, which could attract more people to these forums.

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