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Angels of Death

Xbox Live Streamer lookimg for a clan/team


Hey folks I'm a streamer from the uk looking for a team to represent and game with I'm bored of gaming alone and would love a team to make some great content with I stream on twitch have a average of 10+ viewers and stream daily thanks for reading

Angels of Death



Hello I am RGN ENFORCER, I'm an officer (Lieutenant) within RGN OP Conquer. We are looking for new highly motivated members to join our squad. We have over 400+ members within RGN, we also have a stream / media team in which you can surely grow your audience and viewership at any given time. We hold tournaments each month (some with prizes) other with pride and respect.

If you would like more information about RGN (Renegade Gaming Network) please feel free to message me on XBL: GT: RGN ENFORCER or contact me on discord: RGN ENFORCER #4229

- Cheers



Rapture gaming is recruiting all skill level players for cod. So if you are tired of running solo, or would like to find a new group of friends to play with we have got you covered.
With so many people running solo don't you feel it's time to find your new home. We are a community not a clan.
 We support many other titles so no fear of looking for others to play with. Your K/D is not important, if you want to get better we will help you. This is not a place in which you sign up and get lost in the background noise.
If your not sure add me on XB1 gamertag; AssassinBKR. Others and myself will play with you so you can get the rG experience first hand.
So visit our website https://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=4131

website activity once every 14 days


16+ only!

Casual play and competitive US and EU teams.

We are a Gaming Cult, which works daily on improving a close tight circle between a leader and a member. In the Cult no one is too weak, no one is too bad at a game, no one is excluded. We include any and all. No one is unworthy, and we are not a power hungry Cult, your opinion will be listened to and heard. So if this sounds like something you wish to try, and you are of the age of maturity 16+ then join up. We are waiting for you. We are all important cogs in the machine of Cult of Gaming.

Join now at Discord: https://discord.gg/NU2z3XW
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