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Multi "Strictly for Fun" - A clan for people that don't fit the other clans

Hi all!

Its nice to see that clans haven't changed much over the past 25 years. Flashy websites, Teamspeak and discordd servers, headset requirements, K/D ratio of at least 5. etc etc

Now, being 50 and calming down in lift makes me play games different than in the olden days (was a hotshot in Battlefield 2).
That doesn't mean I want to play alone. I still love the basic teamwork of keeping eachother alive and espeically with the money-side of Warzone ddo contracts together and maybe kill some enemy players here and there (not my speciality!)

So this is what the Regiment is about (not an organized clan as 99% on here).
There is no requirements whatsoever. No teamspeak, so no headsets required, no age requirements as we will hardly chat anyway. No external websites etc etc
I use the game to wind down after work or when the "kids" are in bed, so am a bit of a slow player. Don't get me wrong, I would love to get better, but think that practice and unlocking better weapons will come a long way.
If you have no chance beating the guys in game , but still want to make a lot of money running through the game and willing to look after your fellow brothers and sisters (revive/ammo etc), feel free to join the regiment.

All I am trying to accomplish is give people like myself more enjoyment out of the game without having to pressure of performing.
So boys & girls, ladies and gents, if the above appeal to you , join the regiment "Strictly for Fun" / "=S4F=" now :)

Hope to see you soon

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